China: ‘Practical, injection-free’ oral anti-Covid vaccine to support Covid-zero strategy

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China bets on new vaccine against Covid-19. This oral vaccine is intended for a person who has already received two intramuscular injections. It has started to be administered in some cities, including Beijing.

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My first impressions as I walked out of the immunization center on Wednesday 23 November were fairly positive as anger builds in China, still entwined with its zero-coronavirus policy. This he, a 73-year-old Beijinger, has just received a booster dose. A very quick and easy process, just bite into a plastic cup and take a deep breath of the gases that are released. “I was stabbed and it hurt ! she says There is also the risk of itchy skin and allergies. While this vaccine is practical. It doesn’t sting. ”

“We are confident that it was developed by Professor Cheng Wei of the Chinese Institute of Military Medicine. Many clinical trials have been conducted, so I think it is a safe vaccine.”

73-year-old Chinese woman

at franceinfo

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This oral anti-Covid vaccine is a world first. The vaccine is 100% made in China and manufactured by the CanSino Biologics laboratory in Tianjin, near Beijing. The manufacturer guarantees that those who receive the vaccine have better immunity after 6 months than those who receive the booster intramuscularly. is believed to block the entry of external droplets that may be contaminated with Covid-19.

lack of data

However, this vaccine was approved very recently after a short period of testing. A word of caution for Jin Dongyan, a virologist at the University of Hong Kong. “We don’t yet have all the data on the efficacy of this vaccine. Relativize virologists. We do not have access to data that clearly show the effectiveness of the vaccine. ”

“Although oral vaccines may be effective in boosting oral mucosal immunity, we do not know if they are as beneficial as intramuscular vaccines in treating severe cases and preventing death.”

Jin Dongyang, virologist

at franceinfo

In any case, the authorities are spending a lot of money on this oral vaccine. Advertisements are broadcast on social networks, especially to persuade older people to get vaccinated. Only 69% of his seniors in China have had their Covid vaccine her 3 doses, making it difficult to lift the zero Covid strategy. On Wednesday, the IMF urged China to speed up the pace of vaccination against Covid-19 in an effort to combat a slowdown in its economy.

Source: Francetvinfo

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