reportage. ‘War will end only when Russia collapses’: In Ukraine, the issue of opening negotiations is not unanimous

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After nine months of war, Ukraine continues to fight back. The winter promises to be tough for civilians, but the issue of negotiations with Russia has been raised, but unification is far from being achieved.

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A child of three from two different marriages, Andrei is usually an engineer. With a weary look, he waits with his battalion in front of an official building converted into a barracks in a southern Ukrainian city. “Yes, we will take back Crimea!” he throws Andrei and his companions are determined. When talking about the hypothesis that Ukraine will start negotiations with Russia, nine months after the start of the invasion, the answers coalesce: “No way !”, Another soldier responds. Andrey resumes: “The war will only end when Russia collapses. What negotiations are you talking about? I know RussiaEven if Russia pays to rebuild Ukraine, Even if their forces leave our territory, in 10 or 15 years they will again consider themselves overwhelmed and set off again.

“To those who want to force Ukraine to negotiate, I ask them: If you lost many close friends to the war, are you ready to negotiate?”

Andrei, Ukrainian soldier

at franceinfo

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After nine months of war, Ukrainian forces have regained some of their territory and continue to fight back. But the country is still at the mercy of Russian bombs. Infrastructure has been hit and human casualties have been enormous. Andrey and his comrades are not allowed to reveal how many comrades have been killed. very good. “For those who want to negotiate, I’ll leave it up to them to tell the wives and mothers of their comrades killed.”

In Igor’s Mikolayev, he is not a soldier. His city is one of the cities he has been under very heavy artillery fire. Igor deeply loves his country. But like many others, he prefers to say it with caution. Yes, for him it is necessary to negotiate and above all do not try to restore Crimea. “I think the territory should be released. But Crimea was really “Russified”. he throws, I have no idea if its inhabitants want to return to Ukraine. And the price to pay is very high. “

“You can’t go to war forever. I’m an optimist, but I’m also a realist.”

Igor, a resident of Mikolayev

at franceinfo

The toll was so great that, nine months after the war, the suffering had branded the country a deficit. Igor knows that the longer the war drags on, the more it will go against the tide.

Source: Francetvinfo

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