34th Edition Africolor Festival Celebrates Vibrant Music More Than Ever

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Running until December 24th on Ile-de-France, the Afrikaler Festival has a mission to showcase, discover and celebrate a vast continent more culturally vibrant than ever before. It also has a political role to play.

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When we talk about Africa, it is clear:”54 countries, endless musical works and music genres“.browsing afrikara program, it is Sebastien Lagrave, director of the festival, who will realize the work achieved in the 34th edition. Discover the musical heart of Congo, Mali, Comoros and Senegal like young star Samba Peuzzi, alongside famous names like Fatoumata Diawara, Jupiter & Okwess and Bassekou Kouyaté.

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Historically associated with the Seine-Saint-Denis, Afrikaler also has a political role, with concerts held in four adjoining departments. For example, his work centered around Lara Fadma Nusumah, a young Kabir facing French colonization in Algeria in the 19th century. Culture as a means of memory. Sebastien Lagrave claims:For us, it is a matter of seeing and hearing the history and memory of the Malian and Senegalese people who used to come there.Their children are utterly French, and African independence in the 1960s is also the history of their relationship with France, an ever-present and sometimes complicated one, so they are their own history that is also our history. We are doing this work that public education does not have the time, cannot or does not want to do.“.

We are artistic because we are political, we are political because we are artistic

Sebastien Lagrave, Director of Afrikala Festival

And like an echo, many women’s projects are emerging from Africa today, such as Senegalese rapper Def Maa Maa Def, Malian group Go Bamako, and kora player Sona Jobarteh, backed by Afrikara. “Together with our partners in Bamako, we have created a training regime to give them access to instruments, especially DJs. Festival Director ExplainsThis is where Bamako Goh was born, and other capitals of the continent have also held training courses for these women for ten years. as well as using all means of production properly.“.

If the global music industry leans toward Nigeria or South Africa, we’ll never finish exploring the musical riches of distant continents.

Source: Francetvinfo

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