Hungary: Football scarves set the towels on fire again between Europeans and Victor Orban

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He is arguably the European Union’s most controversial leader. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is on the mend again. Starting with the story of his football supporter’s scarf, tensions are rising for Europeans on several subjects.

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The Hungarian Prime Minister never misses an opportunity to provoke. On the evening of Monday 20th November, Viktor his Orban was latest sporting a scarf around his neck during a football friendly match between Hungary and Greece. Weird map of HungaryNot the current contours of this country with a population of 10 million, but the contours of more than a century ago, that is, before the First World War. In other words, “Greater Hungary”, which includes the territories of today’s Romania, Austria, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

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This is no coincidence.Victor Orban has been in contention for a long time Treaty of Trianon of 1920 It greatly reduced Hungary’s territory and deprived it of access to the Adriatic Sea. All concerned governments protested, especially Ukraine Romania denounces revisionist movement. The targeted areas, Transcarpathia in Ukraine and Transylvania in Romania, do indeed have large Hungarian ethnic minorities. But boundaries have long been established and are intangible. Orban minimizes the incident and replies that he was there for a football match, football is not politics, no one believes him.

The Revisionist Dream of ‘Greater Hungary’

At the same time, the European Commission is strengthening relations with Hungary. This final episode must have strengthened Brussels’ resolve to confront Budapest on the central issue of European aid payments to Hungary. For the first time, the commission said it was determined to stand up to Orban.she listens freeze more than 13 billion aid To Hungary: 6 billion in economic aid after the Covid-19 pandemic and 7 billion in regular budget.

It’s easy to explain. Budapest does not provide sufficient guarantees about respecting the rule of law and fighting corruption. In other words, Brussels fears that the funds, once released, will not go to the recipients, but rather end up in the pockets of those who are obliged to Orban. It calls for reform of the judicial system to prevent the authorities from gaining dominance in the assignment of investigations and ongoing investigations. This financial instrument is important for Brussels. The Orban government may constantly criticize Europe, but if we relate the amounts to population, Hungary is actually the first beneficiary of European funds.

Threat of Orban

But Orban didn’t say the last word. The 59-year-old Hungarian Prime Minister is a highly capable and experienced politician.Therefore he uses all means of pressure He freely brought Europe to its knees. He is trying to block 18 billion new European financial aid to Ukraine. That vote is essential. Unanimous consent is required. We can stop the proposal for a European Directive on taxing multinationals. Monetize entry into the Schengen area of ​​Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. It threatens, or even indirectly threatens, European companies, especially those of Germany and France, on Hungarian soil. Orban and Europeans left to tear themselves apart.

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