Russian lawmakers approve law to step up fight against LGBT+ ‘propaganda’

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This law was adopted in the fully conservative strengthening of the Kremlin in parallel with the military offensive in Ukraine.

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In Russia, the rights of sexual minorities are entering a new phase. Russian lawmakers on Thursday (24 November) adopted an amendment that would significantly expand the scope of the law banning LGBT+ “propaganda”. The new law is an extension of a much-criticized 2013 text banning LGBT+ “propaganda” among minors, which is now banned. “Promotion of non-traditional sexual relations” To all media, internet, book and film audiences.

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This broad range, along with the broad interpretations permitted by vague concepts, “promotion” It threatens to increase the crackdown on Russia’s LGBT+ community, which already faces strong discrimination.

A fine of 160,000 rubles for violators

“The promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships is prohibited (…) A ban on the promotion of pedophilia and transsexuality has also been introduced.”the speaker of the Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said in a statement. “The fine reaches 10 million rubles.” (approximately 160,000 euros) for criminals, he added.

For an article to become law, it must be approved by the Senate, the Federal Council and signed by President Vladimir Putin, which constitutes a procedure.

In the eyes of Dilia Gafourova, head of the NGO Sfera for the rights of LGBT+ people, “The law is discriminatory in its nature, and that is clear.”she decides “worrying” Claims of the Russian state “LGBT+ people are a Western invention and the result of outside interference.”believe it will nourish them “Stigma” in society.

UN considers law enforcement ‘deeply’ concerned

Passage of new law comes after years of crackdown on LGBT+ community, Kremlin describes itself as champion of values “Traditional” Facing a West presented as decadent. In the context of the dispute in Ukraine, this law also “protect” Russia against the Western onslaught at the level of value.she “We protect our children and the future of this country from the darkness spread by the United States and European nations. We have our own traditions and values.”Vyacheslav Volodin said Thursday.

Last month, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk said: “deeply” After the Duma’s vote on the text at first reading on strengthening Russia’s LGBT+ legislation. The LGBT-Set, Russia’s leading NGO that advocates for sexual minorities, was denounced by the law on October 18. “A new attempt to discriminate and attack the dignity of the LGBT community”.

Source: Francetvinfo

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