‘Ukrainian culture is in danger’: Paris weekend festival features Ukrainian artists

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The cities of Ukraine and Odessa will be honored during the Weekend of the East festival in Paris until November 28th.

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This is the sixth edition of Weekend in the East, an interdisciplinary festival taking place this year in about 20 locations in the capital. Literature, visual arts, film and music are included in the program.

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Among the invited Ukrainian artists is the lyrical singer Igor Mostvoy, 28 years old. He is from Mariupol, in Ukraine and France he lived for five years.This bass-baritone is an avid defender of his country’s culture, which he considers threatened today by the war unleashed by Russia : “There are many examples of this threat. The culture of Russia is really in danger.The first thing the Russians do when the army takes the city is to change the language, and then rename the streets.”

A few weeks after the war began, Igor Mostvoy made a radical decision. He no longer sings Russian repertoire. “I can’t find the emotional resources to sing in Russian despite being my mother tongue. : I speak Russian by nature But after everything we saw in Mariupol, everything that happened to our friends and family…we lost some of our family members in this war. ”

“Now is not the time to present Russian culture as a value, because Russian culture threatens our culture. Russian culture is already very well known in the world. I think we can bring something from our country, we have a lot of music and literature, things we want to share.”

Igor Mostboy

at franceinfo

Igor Mostvoy will give a concert with fellow pianist Olga Dubinska on Sunday 27 November at St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral.in the program : Ravel and Ukrainian music, especially the great status given to contemporary composer Valentin Silvestrov, who decided to be deported from the country at the age of 84 in March of this year. “Sylvestrov speaks of peace and love of country, love of music… He is a great genius.”

Source: Francetvinfo

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