Tensions Over North Korea: Who Is Kim Yo-Jong, The Dictator’s Sister Who Insults Her South Korean Neighbors?

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A barrage of insults has taken the Western mind by surprise.In recent hours, North Korea’s number one sister has actually addressed her South Korean neighbors who are considering new sanctions against North Korea following the latest ballistic missile test. Yes. The theme is flowers. “America’s Royal Minion Dog”Kim Yo-jung wrote in a press release, “Wild dogs running behind bones thrown by Americans”

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In fact, North Korean leaders are well aware of that fact.Before his election, Joe Biden “angry dog A man who was to be beaten to death with a stick.”Donald Trump is “An American Old Man Who Has Lost His Mind” And former South Korean President Park Geun-hye: “The Witch and the Vicious Whore”Welcome to anti-imperialist propaganda!
And it’s number two in the administration to handle it. Her official title is Deputy Director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Kim Yo-jung is his younger sister, born to her same mother. This dancer was a great love of Kim Jong Il, when Kim Jong Un took power when his father died in 2011, he was still very young at 28 years old. The only person he has absolute trust in is his 24-year-old sister. He spent part of her childhood with her in Switzerland, which is also new. The two children were educated at schools in Bern under pseudonyms. They spent five years there until 2001, going to Disneyland together, experiencing capitalism, and their great bond apparently grew out of that.

In the stands behind Mike Pence at the 2018 Winter Olympics

His face was first seen in public at his father’s funeral in 2011, which is already unprecedented. The previous two generations of him did not see the Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il families. It was officially unveiled recently, from the Winter Olympics held in South Korea in February 2018. She is sent for seduction surgery. In her gallery, the Korean places her right behind US Vice President Mike Pence, not to mention wanting to reconcile. Pence doesn’t fall for traps and avoids contact. But for Koreans, it will exceed all expectations. She is beautiful and well behaved. Madonna on TV in Seoul! The president welcomes him with great enthusiasm. And the letter she brought suggesting a meeting with her brother works well. Two months later, the two presidents have a meeting!

It’s the ultimate relaxation time. The North Korean regime understands that, like the Minister of Foreign Affairs, she can be used for that purpose. Appeared in the 3rd inter-Korean summit in 2018! Apparently attending a meeting with Donald Trump in Singapore. In front of the Supreme Leader, she does not open her mouth. Except when he invites him there, like in the summer of 2020, in front of a tearful dignitary. ! “I will never forget the time when I was not able to serve the great leader.”says Kim Yo-jung. And the place where I stood alone to protect people’s precious lives. He personally presented solutions and methods for performing measurements from 1 to his 10 to his 100 to his 10,000 measurements. “*

take over from brother

Today’s view of insults, we clearly understand that she has changed from a nice role to an evil role. When diplomatic relations with South Korea were re-established, it was the man who had promised the imperialists an end that officially gave the go-ahead to blow up the inter-Korean liaison office they had just built. The same goes for the insults of the last few hours. Will she succeed her brother? Very clear, yes. She’s only 35, but North Korean scholars all say she’s been proving for 10 years that she really is Princess Kim in this highly patriarchal country. And if her brother is sick, as some people think, it is she, Kim Yo-jong, who should take over.

*Excerpt from the documentary “La Princesse Rouge” by Pierre Husky (Produced by Hikari), which airs on Swiss TV the week of November 28th.

Source: Francetvinfo

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