Scotland: UK Supreme Court cools new independence trend

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This is the retreat of the Scottish National Party. Britain’s Supreme Judiciary has refused to organize a new referendum on Scottish independence.

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Amazing decision. But that is the end of what is unacceptable for Scotland. The Court had to rule on a very specific point of law: The Scottish Parliament, which has a separatist majority, will launch a referendum on its own on this subject of independence for the Scottish people. Do you have the right? 5 million inhabitants? And the Court answers: No, it is not in your power. It is the British Parliament, representing all of Britain and her four nations, including Scotland. The subject matter is in some ways his reserved area, as it touches upon British unity itself.

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This is automatically tantamount to saying that a new referendum will not take place any time soon, as UK MPs now have a majority in the UK Parliament. They are not in favor of such a vote. The Scots chose to remain in the UK with 55% of her. Scottish separatists in the Scottish National Party may point out that the deal has changed since Brexit (Scotland wanted to stay in Europe), but that doesn’t change the issue from a constitutional point of view. There can be no new vote without a green light from London.

separatists tenaciously sign

But the Scottish Prime Minister has no intention of letting go. Nicola Sturgeon admits “Difficult to swallow”It must be said that we have already set a new referendum date of October 19, 2023. So she has to abandon this project, but she is not surprised because she is a skilled and experienced leader. Therefore, she will do everything to extract political benefit from this decision.

Nicola Sturgeon Immediately holding a press conference, she was the first to realize that this decision showed that Britain was no longer a ‘voluntary’ union. Within a year, we intend to put it in the form of a referendum on this issue. She will therefore no doubt summon her party and find legal recourse, but the question of independence may nonetheless be raised.

Effects of possible political shifts in the UK

Therefore, it is difficult to predict what will happen next. Moreover, if the polls are to be believed, the Scots remain very divided on the idea of ​​independence. What won’t happen is a wild referendum like what happened in Catalonia in 2017. Nicola Sturgeon wants to stay within the law. The next general election could therefore serve as a judge of peace if the Scottish separatists make strong progress.

But there is still another option. political change all over England. If Labor wins after his 12-year ruler of the Conservatives, things could change in Scotland. Labor has more common ground with Scottish separatists, especially on economic issues. They are probably well placed to find a compromise on this issue.

Source: Francetvinfo

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