‘They are not in nature’: delicate management of migrants from the ‘Vikings of the Sea’ two weeks after landing in Toulon

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What happened to the 234 refugees from the Ocean Viking humanitarian aid ship two weeks after they arrived in Toulon (Var)?ranceinfo creates an inventory.

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Since Thursday 24th November, the holiday center on the Gien Peninsula in Hyères has been empty. The holiday camp, which has become an “international waiting area,” has long been blocked off with no entry. Up to 200 police and gendarmes were mobilized. But now the device is lifted.no more survivorsocean biking I’ve been on site since Thursday. 2 weeks ago it was 190 other minors were cared for by the Var Department.

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During these 15 days, Obra French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons, Audition for the first time. Since then, 66 migrants have been allowed into the area to file asylum applications. Otherwise, you will be denied entry. However, maintenance in this holding area must be decided by a court within 24 hours.

legal confusion

Given the difficult working conditions, it is impossible for judges and lawyers to meet deadlines. “The lack of translators was aggravating factor. Me Sophie Cais, Toulon Bar President, said: This clearly contributed to the fact that the 24-hour deadline was missed. ” “I was at a hearing involving Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. she says There were two interpreters in court, but the English interpreter was says the lawyer. Neither Bangladeshis nor Pakistanis spoke English. “

“We were able to use Google Trad on the phone to explain who our attorney was, who the judge was and what the proceedings were. Because I had no idea what it was.”

Me Sophie Cais, President of the Toulon Bar Association

at franceinfo

As a result of this legal turmoil: 100 immigrants are allowed to leave the vacation center.Are all these people in nature, as some political leaders accuse? No, answers Laure Palun, president of Anafe, the National Association for Border Assistance for Foreigners.? “They are or must be cared for by state services within the framework of an asylum claim. she explains, Especially the Paca accommodation system around Marseille. So, as far as we know, these people are not wild. “

The last two Bangladeshi nationals who were still in the holding area on Thursday were taken to another holding area at the Marseille Administrative Detention Center for deportation purposes. Two other survivors from Mali have already left by plane earlier in the week. But the government’s prospects of quickly deporting dozens of immigrants seem a long way off.

26 minors remaining

After disembarking, the 44 unaccompanied minors were taken into custody by the Department’s Child Welfare Services. Taken to a hotel in Toulon opened for the occasion, they were free to move there.
Many decided to leave. “Twenty-six young people have left. Christophe Puckett, deputy secretary-general for solidarity in the Var council, believes so. “Remember that the department’s mission is to protect children.” He said. “At this stage of protection, we have no legal possibility of retaining them. he remembered These young people are free. “

“We are there to protect them, feed them and wear them. In addition, many of them did not have shoes. Those who chose to leave have left of their own free will.”

Christophe Puckett, Deputy Director General for Solidarity, Bar County Council

at franceinfo

“It turned out that there was a large majority of young Eritreans in this group,” Christophe Paquette says: “From what I’ve learned from talking to them, The Deputy Director continued, They had destinations in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, or the Nordic countries. As such, they have definitely made their way to join the family and acquaintances that await them at these destinations.

With respect to other unaccompanied minors who decide to stay, “By tonight, I expect they will all be distributed to other departments.” It is mainly produced in the departments of Breton and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

change of law

Under criticism from the opposition and fire from asylum defenders, the government wants to tighten the law. Executives explain that they want to draw a “conclusion” from this episode. Home Secretary Gerard Dalmanan told parliament this week: “No entry/exit system”He said, It never existed.”Some people fear breaking the law. “We are always afraid of him. highlight Toulon President Me-Sophie Cais said: And when it’s news that brings about legislative evolution, we fear it all the more.

“Every time a news item comes up, we question the issue of statutes of limitations and criminal liability. I think we need to take a step back before we change the law. Please try to look at the cause calmly and objectively.”

Me Sophie Kais, President of Toulon

at franceinfo

However, the Home Secretary wants to move quickly towards the introduction of this new system from June 2023.

Source: Francetvinfo

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