Migrant crisis – “The UK has left the EU, so it’s up to it to manage its borders”

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The vice-president of the European Commission tackled the British authorities on Saturday, as Paris and London collapsed after a deadly shipwreck in the Channel.

European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas said on Saturday that Britain is responsible for solving its problems relating to the influx of migrants since leaving the European Union.

Dramatic escalation

The United Kingdom “has left the European Union”, as a result it “must now decide how to organize the management of border control,” Margaritis Schinas told reporters on the Greek island of Kos.

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“If I remember correctly, the main slogan of the referendum campaign (on Brexit) was ‘We take back control’,” added Margaritis Schinas, who coordinates a new pact on migration and asylum.

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“Since the United Kingdom has regained control, it is up to the British to find the necessary measures to operationalize the control they have taken over,” he stressed.

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The migrant crisis escalated dramatically after the sinking of a boat in the English Channel on Wednesday that killed 27 migrants. Tensions between France and the UK have escalated further after a letter from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson posted on Twitter, asking France to take back migrants arriving in Britain.

“A horror film” testifies the fisherman who discovered the 27 dead migrants

“Not serious” methods

The publication of this letter ulcerated France.

“I am surprised at the methods when they are not serious,” French President Emmanuel Macron told a press conference in Rome when asked about Boris Johnson’s letter.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin canceled the visit to Calais (northern France) on Sunday of his British counterpart Priti Patel who was to participate in a crisis meeting on migrants.

The meeting will take place in the presence of the ministers responsible for Belgian, German and Dutch immigration, as well as the European Commission.

Greece on Saturday opened two new closed camps for asylum seekers on the islands of Leros and Kos, a model criticized by human rights defenders for the strict controls imposed there.

“A new era is beginning,” Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi said when announcing the opening of these two new camps.

The new secure camps, surrounded by barbed wire, equipped with surveillance cameras and magnetic gates where asylum seekers must present electronic badges and their fingerprints to be able to enter, are closed at night.

Asylum seekers can go out during the day but must return in the evening.

These new installations, which Greece has undertaken to set up with funds from the European Union, are called upon to replace the old squalid camps where thousands of migrants were crowded in unsanitary conditions.

“We are freeing our islands from the problem of migrants and its consequences,” added the Minister. “The images of the years 2015-2019 are now a thing of the past”.

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