Public autopsy at $ 500 is controversial

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(ats) About 70 spectators last month paid up to $ 500 (456 francs) to witness the dissection of the body of a 98-year-old man live at a major hotel in Portland, Oregon, death of Covid-19, by a retired anatomist.

During a demonstration lasting several hours, Dr Colin Henderson removed the organs of the deceased, including his brain, explaining the different stages of this procedure which he performed throughout his career, according to the local television channel King 5. On the channel’s footage, some spectators can be seen putting on surgical gloves before handling the corpse.

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“It was very educational,” said spectator Monica, saying that “everything was done with respect for the person who donated her body.”

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According to King 5, however, the family of the deceased had not been informed that the body bequeathed to science would be used for this kind of paid exhibition.

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The event was organized by Death Science, which promotes itself as “an independent education platform”. Tickets for that day of October 17 in Portland advertised “a forensic autopsy on a complete corpse.” Had to follow an “anatomical dissection which will offer[it] a unique look at what is under our skin, in our body and how it all works together “.

“Access to the corpse before, after and during breaks,” the program promised. Death Science founder Jeremy Ciliberto said the event aimed to “create an educational experience for people who want to learn more about human anatomy.”

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