United Kingdom – He confesses the murder of “his grandmother” in a “truth or dare”

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A young man is in court, accused of having deliberately started a fire that killed his stepfather’s mother.

British justice is currently trying a troubling case, with a young man who confessed to the murder of «his grandmother» but today returns to his remarks.

The case began in May 2018 with the death of Mary Gregory, 94 years old, in Heysham, in the county of Lancashire, in the north-west of England. Her bungalow then caught fire and the nonagenarian was found unconscious on her veranda. The emergency services had taken care of her but she died three days later in hospital.

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The deceased was a heavy smoker and suffered from dementia, so the authorities considered the fire to be accidental.

His “darkest secret”

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The story could have stopped there but a few weeks later a young man, Tiernan Darnton, 20 years, a let out a heavy confession as he played «Truth or Dare» with friends, reports the BBC. He was then asked to reveal his «darkest secret». «Jhave a secret that i don’thave revealed to no one. Jmaybe killed someonea», he said then, according to the testimony of his friends. Then he would have specified that he had killed his «Grandmother» because he didn’t want her to suffer anymore. Note that the victim was not exactly his grandmother but the mother of his stepfather.

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The prosecutor explained that the young man had confessed to the murder a second time during a therapy session, in May 2019. He then allegedly mentioned a friend who «could msend to jail because of whathe knows». The therapist then asked him if he meant he had killed someone and Tiernan Darnton nodded.

A week later, a new one session was held in the presence of his stepfather, Chris Gregory, the son of the deceased. The defendant then confessed to having set fire to the curtains with his lighter.

“I am a monster”

Tiernan Darnton was arrested shortly after. Her computer was seized and investigators found a disturbing search, carried out a month after Ms. Gregory: “Despairing murderer”, “I am a murderer” and “I am a monster and I am going to hell”.

The prosecutor further explained that according to a fire expert, the fire was indeed set off.enested by a flame near a window and not by a cigarette butt thrown to the ground.

The testimonies as the expertises seem overwhelming, yet the defendant denies having committed anything. In a written statement, he has explique that his confessions were to be understood as «a search behaviorattention», a desire to shock.

The trial, held in Preston, continues.

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